The Layla Frankel Quartet

The Layla Frankel Quartet performs music in a variety of styles with musicality and artistry, bringing charm and sophistication to the Nashville experience. Perfect for cocktail lounges and private parties. Raised in a musical family in Chicago, Layla began performing on stage when she was just four years old. She later grew up to front big bands and jazz combos at the University of Illinois, expanding her vocal prowess and developing her ear as a songwriter and arranger. With years of experience playing with bands for varying occasions, Layla has perfected the art of musical ambiance, skillfully selecting music that fits the mood of her surroundings and promising an enjoyable audience experience.

Backed by the trio of Joel Gage on guitar, Chris Croce on double bass and Chris Broomhead on drums, the Layla Frankel Quartet delivers engaging, tasteful music with artistry and nuance.

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